Dyslexia Program Testomonials

Dyslexia Program Testimonials

Dyslexia Correction Program Testimonial:

– RT (Mom of a 12-year old and 9-year old boy)

“Both my nine-year-old and my twelve-year-old made immense progress in their week with Sophia. They are now reading much more fluently and challenging themselves with their reading materials.
Sophia met them with warmth and professionalism and in a very short amount of time was able to create a connection that made the learning possible and meaningful. As parents, we are deeply grateful for the Davis method and particularly for Sophia as a gifted facilitator”

Dyslexia Correction & Math Mastery Program Testimonial:

-Starla (Mom of a 13-year old boy)

“I’m so grateful for the dyslexia correction work that Sophia did with my son He was a different kid after the first day.  He was happy again. He now recognizes when he is becoming disoriented and corrects himself. Sophia spent time with my husband and myself and we can now identify when he is disoriented and also when he triggers on words while reading. We learned so much from her. She agreed to travel here and spend a couple of weeks so that he could be in his home environment while going through the program and I think that helped him during this process. We were able to meet with his teachers and she provided the school with a presentation about dyslexia. We are so grateful and wish we had  found Sophia from Learning Tools and the Davis Dyslexia Program sooner.”

Dyslexia Correction Program Testimonial:

– Charlie (Dad of 13-year old girl)

“Learning Tools made a huge difference for our family and with our daughter. We weren’t aware the extent of her challenges until well into middle school. Inviting Sophia to support us eased the sense of overwhelm we had. She had a calm presence and a warm style that resonated with our daughter. We not only saw a significant difference in our daughter’s reading comprehension and writing ability, but we were heartened by her engagement in the learning process. We’d recommend Learning Tools!”

Dyslexia Correction & Math Mastery Program Testimonial:

-Anna Katherine (Mom of an 8-year old girl  & 11-year old boy )

“Sophia’s ability to connect with children and draw them into the program is remarkable. The Davis Dyslexia program itself is unique in the way it reaches children. I have been incredibly pleased with both the program and Sophia’s work with my children.  I have two very different children with different learning issues and she worked with each to bring out their best and help them to reach their goals that they set. After years of working with various programs and specialists, our older child is now well on his way to reading and catching up on his reading level. Though it has required diligence and hard work, it has been very worth it! Our daughter did the math program and it completely boosted her confidence and her skills in math. She is not filled with the same dread she was before. And as a bonus, it quickly improved her reading level to the point that she has become a non-stop reader.  Sophia’s knowledge and guidance through all of this have been immeasurable and I am thrilled to recommend her!”

Dyslexia Correction Program Testimonial:

-Joanne (Mom of 12-year old girl)

“Chloe enjoys reading more than before….she feels a lot more confident about her handwriting. She knows which way the letters and numbers go, which was a struggle before. She is very proud of having done the program and she does not feel negatively about being diagnosed as dyslexic, she is actually proud of it because she feels like she is creative and smart and that it is truly a ‘gift’.”

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The Everything Parent’s Guide to Children with Dyslexia, by Abigail Marshall

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